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Witch Bottle

Two couples go to an abandoned house for a weekend only to find a witch bottle that contains evil possessions.

Created for the DVXuser festival contest and the Knoxville Horror Film Festival. 


Official Selection - Knoxville Horror Film Festival 2009


BOW MORTON ................... Max
KAREN HON ...................... Deborah
KEVIN WOODS .................. Tommy

Voice of Laurie's possessions

Voice of Tommy's possessions, witch, and narrator

Make-up effects

Music, sound design, and foley


Production Notes:


1 Utilitech fluorescent work light 65k- $30
5 fluorescent bulbs 100w equivalent 65k - $10
1 fluorescent blue party light $5
1 fluorescent red party light $5
1 box of gelatin $5
1 undead make-up wheel $6
2 plastic knifes 2x $3 = $6
1 bag of paper mache $7
1 package of Amaco WireForm $6
2 sets of ghoul teeth - 2 x $2 = $4

Total on screen = $84

1st day of shooting - Pizza dinner $25
2nd day of shooting - BBQ and drinks $50
3rd day of shooting - Mexican $20 and Beer $25

Total off screen = $120

Total on and off screen = $204

Principal - 09/20/2009
Deadline - 10/15/2009

09/07/2009 - Screenplay finished
09/08/2009 - Witch Bottle prop was started
09/10/2009 - Witch Bottle prop cured, painted, and finished
09/12/2009 - Photography session for poster completed (Remi Demeere modeled for the shot)
09/13/2009 - Poster completed
09/14/2009 - Location secured
09/14/2009 - Lighting equipment secured and tested
09/14/2009 - Special Effects Makeup acquired
09/15/2009 - Cast secured
09/15/2009 - Special Effects Makeup prosthetics started
09/17/2009 - Bought some lighting and grip materials for the shoot
09/18/2009 - Finished up some storyboarding and SFX planning
09/19/2009 - Rehearsal with all the actors
09/20/2009 - Principal, had a 6 hour window for the location which was not enough time
09/21/2009 - Rough cut okay considering the time frame I had. Made notes of shots to reshoot and missing shots.
09/23/2009 - Caught the Flu had to push back second day of principal to October 4th
09/30/2009 - Over Flu so I can get back to work verified Sunday Oct 4th still good
10/03/2009 - Night shot test with lights and smoke machine
10/04/2009 - 2nd day of principal - RAIN! Still got some shots in
10/05/2009 - Got a Yamaha keyboard to do soundtracks with. Only have it for 3 days must finish all music within that time. Created a song.
10/05/2009 - Rewrote the ending.
10/06/2009 - I created 3 more songs today.
10/06/2009 - Had to reschedule the opening scene. Running out of time quick... must get that shot this week.
10/07/2009 - Worked on score.
10/07/2009 - Shoot went perfect. Weather was in my favor and the cast was in great spirit. Brought beer this time so they could have fun while I set up lights. ;)
10/08/2009 - Worked on rough edit.
10/09/2009 - Captured some audio clips from actors for dubbing and worked on editing.
10/10/2009 - Editing video.
10/11/2009 - Editing and captured some Foley.
10/12/2009 - Shot some video of one of the actresses who also is my fiance. I set a time for her outside the main shoot since it is only her in the shots. Did another greenscreen shot along with some other effects shots.
10/13/2009 - Worked on Foley. Finished rough edit. Sound design and editing has been the game of the day. Did another missing shot of an open grave site in the RAIN!
10/14/2009 - Foley, sound design, and sound editing for the day. I did the audio for the possessed today. My throat is raspy now.
10/15/2009 - Editing sound most of the day. At around 7pm Bow Morton called and asked about the intro. I explained that I wasn't going to be able to do it because of time and I won't have time to edit in since I'm already at 6 minutes. He said "It must be in, I'm coming over and helping to do it." So he showed up with a prop and some dry ice. I searched in a storage room for more props. We laid them out and I lit it in about 20 minutes. All together it was shot in about 45 minutes and it looks great. It does complete the film. Unfortunately it will not be in the dvxuser version but it is in the complete version. That's a wrap!

10/16/2009 - Recorded the narration for the intro shot last night and finished editing the intro. Completed the sound editing, titling, and credits. I completed the film at around 7pm and went out with Bow to celebrate. After 5 days of editing til 4am (last night 5am) I am going to rest this weekend.